THREE cheers for MP Bill Wiggin.

For 30 years or more, local Ledbury people have been asking for the junction of Knapp Lane with The Homend to be widened.

A golden opportunity to do just that has presented itself with the wall falling down.

MP Bill Wiggin spoke to Herefordshire Council asking that the land be purchased, the wall moved back to widen the bottleneck at the junction thus removing any future traffic problems.

A long-term solution at last.

But, oh no, Herefordshire Council has ruled this out, saying ‘it would cause a prolonged impact on the local area’.

What a load of rubbish, where are the surveys to support such a ridiculous statement?

Tell the truth, Herefordshire Council don’t wish to spend any money on improving anything in Ledbury that’s why.

Our town councillors, along with our MP can get nothing done that would enhance our town.

If Knapp Lane were in Hereford it would have been widened and repaired weeks ago.

Bring on the localisation bill then our town councillors can have a say on what is best for Ledbury.