A VILLAGE hall could be forced to close its doors for good if it does not find more support.

The management committee of Suckley Village Hall, near Malvern, say they would “dearly love” to update the hall and make it more comfortable and welcoming for local people.

But the hall, which has served Suckley for more than a century, is so “vastly under-used” that just keeping it open in its present form is becoming more and more difficult.

The six-strong committee has written to the community warning them that it could soon become “another village amenity to disappear forever” if nothing is done to improve the situation. The hall does not receive any external funding, relying on income generated by hiring fees and various fund-raising activities.

But management committee member Carol Boughton said: “Sadly, the hall is vastly under-used and, in the last year or so, several fund-raising events have had to be cancelled because of lack of support.”

A village survey carried out in Suckley rated the hall highly on residents’ list of ‘wants’ for their community.

Now the management committee is urging people to take action to ensure it remains viable.

“First, we need more ideas and expertise, which means we need new committee members to work with us,”

said Mrs Boughton.

“Second, we need support for our events so that we have a source of income, which can be put towards making the hall what we would all like to see it become.”

Anyone who has ideas for the hall or would like to support it can call Carol on 01886 884210 or can e-mail her on c.boughton@homecall.co.uk.