A FORGOTTEN cabbage that sprouted 12-inch foliage in less than a fortnight was our most read story of 2012.

The Hereford Times reported in September how Patricia Bott was left stunned to discover growth spurt after leaving half a cabbage in the fridge at her Credenhill home for the more than a week.

The story - which can be viewed here - created an online frenzy and has so far been viewed 26,001 times.

It was also our most tweeted article, the most recommended on Facebook and the article that was most emailed to a friend.

The "Tesco bomb scare" story also created a lot of local interest, with four stories related to it making the top ten most viewed.

Meanwhile, "Plans for Hereford's first Muslim place of worship" got readers talking as an astounding 219 comments were left, nearly twice as many as the second most commented - "Hereford Racecourse is to close at the end of the season", which got 123 comments.

The most viewed stories of 2012

1. Forgotten Cabbage Has a Life of its Own - 26,001 views.

2. Hereford Tesco Bomb Scare Update: Bomb squad struggle to get inside van - 18,337.

 Ledbury Reporter: Bomb disposal leave Tesco's Belmont.

A bomb disposal van leaving the scene of Tesco in Belmont

3. UPDATE - Mother and baby jump off balcony - 10,645. 

4. Herefordshire Floods - 10,580. 

5. Bomb alert at Tesco Belmont - 10,268. 

6. Update - Body pulled from River Wye in Hereford - 10,026. 

7. Police confirm that no explosives or devices were found in the suspicious van outside Tesco Belmont - 9,974. 

8. Lucton crash update - Woman and boy die, two other boys seriously injured - 9,563. 

9. Bum deal for Hereford based ebay seller - 9,467. 

Ledbury Reporter: The ebay unfortunate image

This picture, revealing a little too much in the top left corner, was found on eBay

10. Tesco bomb alert update - Two controlled explosions make little impact - 9,414. 

Most commented articles

1. Plans for Hereford's first Muslim place of worship - 219 comments

2. Hereford Racecourse is to close at the end of the season - 123

3. Hundreds attend Rockfield sale - 85

4. Herefordshire's child protection services rules inadequate by Ofsted - 73

5. Special meeting - Hereford's old cattle market - 71