FIREFIGHTERS were called to a a couple of flood-related incidents in the county over the Christmas period.

Crews rescued someone who was trapped in shallow water on the A456 in Little Hereford shortly before 11pm on Christmas Eve, while on Christmas Day they were sent to the Old Court Hotel in Whitchurch at 11.20am after flooding effected electrics.

Around six inches of water entered the building's cellar and firefighters had to pump water out of it.

The fire service also received a call from the police saying that someone was trapped in flood water in Ledbury at 9.15pm on Christmas Eve.

Crews eventually managed to locate the incident, but the person was towed out by a member of the public by the time that they arrived.

There is currently a flood alert warning on the River Lugg north of Leominster.

The Environment Agency report that at 9am today, the level at the Byton Gauge was 1.02 metres and rising, while the level at the Butts Bridge Gauge was 2.51 metres and rising.

Motorists should also be aware that the A438 at Letton is still closed due to flooding, while the A449 at Ledbury is partially blocked.

There is also flooding at Huntsham Bridge near the B4229 at Goodrich.

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