MOST couples have a glass of champagne on the way to their reception after getting married, but Rachael and Tim Leslie decided that an ice cream was the order of the day.

The Madley couple popped in to see Tim’s employers at Locks Garage in Allensmore as they made their way from St Francis Xavier Church in Hereford to Abbey Dore Court.

“We joked about it a week before the wedding as it would be a chance for him to see his colleagues,” said Racheal, 31.

“So we popped in and Tim made an enormous ice cream with a flake on top.

“There were lots of customers in the shop going about their normal business, but everyone stopped and said congratulations and shook our hands.

“Tim’s boss also came out and gave us a bottle of champagne.”

Tim, 21, added that three of his colleagues were in the store at the time and found the situation very amusing.

“It was nice to see them on the day and a lot of them tried to get down to the wedding. Racheal thought it would be a nice thing to do and it was.”

The couple plan to spend their honeymoon in Pembrokeshire in the summer.