A KINGTON man is proving that a career in antiques is not just ‘an old man’s game’.

Kieran Mathewson, a 26- year-old tribal arts dealer, is down to the final 12 in the Young Guns of the Trade competition after first falling in love with antiques aged eight following a visit to an antiques shop in South Africa.

After spotting a pewter tankard that resembled one he had seen in a pirate film, he became enthralled with old objects and the stories behind them and started selling antiques as a business when he was 18.

He said: “I have loved antiques my whole life, it’s just something that has always interested me.

“The thought of buying something brand new has never interested me at all, I love the thought of owning something that has been around for hundreds of years, the story behind it. It all adds to its character.”

Although not many young people take an interest in antiques Kieran, who lives with his wife Amanda and two children, believes there is something for everyone in “the game”.

“I am often told that antiques are an old man’s game, but I strongly disagree.

"Antiques are taking a whole new path, its not just about Victorian and Georgian furniture any more, but it branches out into new areas such as taxidermy, tribal art and vintage cars,” he said.

The competition winner is announced on April 25.