A PETITION has been sent to Herefordshire Council pleading for action to be taken to repair the road that connects two rural villages.

People living near Bishops Frome and Burley Gate have counted 190 pot holes on a road that they say has not seen maintenance workers for at least a generation.

Sophie Pudge, who lives on the affected lane, claimed: “Every resident I have spoken to has contacted the council during the last couple of years for it to be repaired and we are at the end of our tether.

“You can get your wheels stuck in the mud if you’re not in a 4x4 and you have to drive right up against the hedges and fields.”

During the past two months, the Hereford Times has reported on a number of roads that have been blighted by pot holes and, according to readers, it seems the situation has only deteriorated during the recent cold snap.

Zoe Short called to say that the roads around Pudlestone remain in a poor condition while Melanie Lloyd, from Kington, said she could not understand why other counties cope better.

“My son had to replace his alloy wheels after hitting a very bad pothole on the Hoarwithy road to Little Dewchurch,” she added.

As well as in more rural spots of the county, many pot holes have also been spotted in Hereford.

Even major routes such as Three Elms Road, the Aylestone Hill roundabout and the inner ring road outside Tesco are affected.

Alton Road, in Ross-on-Wye, proves the problem also affects market towns.

Alan Hurcombe, from Madley, has set up a Facebook page, called Herefordshire Pot Hole Watch where people can state which roads are particularly bad.

However one Herefordshire councillor is looking into the problem.

Coun Jim Kenyon said that he will be conducting a pothole inspection in the Tupsley area of Hereford soon.