MUSIC fans looking for something a little different to the X Factor could find what they are looking for in the county.

Two Herefordshire women are looking to embark on careers in the music world - and their efforts have impressed so far.

Sammy Vere, from Leominster, and Jennifer Booton, from Marden, have both put their work on the internet and received praise for their efforts.

Jennifer, who is 25, was invited on to BBC Hereford and Worcester by presenter Andrew Marston.

The former Aylestone and Hereford sixth form student, who was classically trained in singing while at secondary school, professionally recorded songs onto an EP with producer Paul Cobbold.

They attracted the attention of the radio station and before long she was playing four of her tracks in the sound and music department at Ross-on-Wye's John Kyrle High School in a live session.

She said of her BBC introducing session: “The idea was that people could come and learn about howa professional radio station carries out live session recording, but at the same time was a great opportunity for me to showcase some of my own material and get professional feedback.”

She cites the “lyrical craftsmanship” of older folk artists such as John Martyn, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young as well as modern musicians and bands such as Daughter, Tame Impala, Ben Howard and Feist.

“I find it really inspiring when artists are completely unique and create a sound that identifies part of their personality through their music, which is why I think I am particularly drawn to these ones,” she said.

Jennifer says that having been through university, education and other things has given her “more to say” and helped her realise how she feels about things and what she wants her music to sound like.

“It was a funny thing because now I feel a lot more confident in my own thoughts and even though writing them to music is slightly exposing, I know what I mean and that is a comforting thing,” she said.Experience and ideas are drawn from many things, she said, some personal and some vicarious.

“Sometimes I come up with a guitar line first or sometimes the words are there. Sometimes I am walking my dogs and think of something and have to sing it all the way around the field so I don’t forget it.”

She is due to perform at Bromyard-based Nozstock festival in July as well as Ales n Bales at the Plough Inn.

“My hopes are to keep playing and to keep writing. It’s really brilliant and quite overwhelming that I have had a lot of local support for what I do.

“At the minute I am hoping to record some more music and put an album together, and have recently been developing my material with a guitarist called Tom Hancock and a bass player called Thom Williams who will be accompanying me at these summer gigs, but for now getting my sound out there is an amazing thing.”

Sammy, known as Sammy DeVere, is also 25 and setting her sights equally high.

Intrigued and inspired by her grandmother’s piano, the Leominster singer knew from an early age shewanted to work in the music industry.

And her path, though still being paved, is proving so far successful with her work drawing comparisons to Georgio Moroder of 70s and 80s electronic pop fame.

Sammy – who is currently living and working in Greece – said: “When I return at the end of September I will be building up my own official website to promote my music on.

“My goal is to work for a company where I can compose soundtracks for either advertisements, games and even films.

"I'm currently building up a large profile of my work for this new website which should be up and running at the end of this year. “

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