THE nation may still be celebrating Andy Murray’s longawaited Wimbledon triumph, but tennis practice is off the agenda in Upton-upon-Severn.

A decision has been made to keep people out of the two town tennis courts, off New Street, over fears that they are dangerous and could cause serious injury to any young hopefuls using them.

Town councillor Pat Martin raised the alarm over the condition of one court in particular, where a large hole has developed in the concrete surface.

She said children were still playing on the dangerous surface and that one of them could easily suffer a lasting injury.

“I am talking about young children. They do not notice that the court is not fit for purpose and so they still go in there,” she said. While some councillors believe the second court is still fit for use, others say it would be impossible to keep youngsters off one court but not the other.

They have decided to lock up the courts until temporary repairs can be made to make the surface safe.

Mayor Peter Webb said: “We clearly need to do something urgently to stop people getting hurt.

“I think it is prudent for us as a council to ensure that young children are not going in there and putting themselves at risk.”

The courts had been closed previously, but town clerk Jo Adams said the lock was taken off due to children playing football nearby climbing over the fencing to get their balls back.

Any repairs the town council is able to make will be shortterm measures to get rid of the danger and more significant investment will be needed to restore a proper tennis surface.

But it is not quite game, set and match for any youngsters looking for somewhere to practise their skills.

The council is currently investigating what grants may be available from organisations such as the Lawn Tennis Association and hope to secure some funding to renovate the courts.

Coun Webb said Upton Primary School is “100 per cent” behind the plan and would be keen to use the courts for tennis lessons of they can be refurbished.