THE RSPCA is appealing for information after two degus, rodents similar to gerbils, were found dumped outside a house in Ledbury.

The animals were found inside a small cardboard box outside the house in Oatleys Crescent on Friday, September 20.

RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith collected the degus and took them to a vet where they were treated for a possible mite infestation.

One of the little animals had a little hair loss and they both seem quite old but are otherwise well and friendly.

Inspector Smith said: “Unfortunately we see hundreds of abandoned animals but this is the first time I’ve collected any degus and it’s such a shame that they should have been dumped in this way.

“The box they were found in had no identifying marks on it and you would never have known there were live animals inside so it’s just lucky that they were found. Who knows what would have happened to them otherwise?

“Despite their ordeal the degus are friendly and a delight to meet and they will be found a new home.”

Degus originate from Chile and live for about six to seven years.