POLICE are warning drivers to steer clear of flooded roads after being called to a number of incidents in Herefordshire yesterday.

Officers said that motorists tried to drive through or around floods and became stranded.

“Motorists should not attempt to negotiate flooded roads," said Inspector Andy Smith.

"It can be very dangerous - especially when flood waters are rising.

“At the least, people are going to get wet feet and in the worst cases you can lose your life.

“Flood waters can be very deceptive and even if one driver manages to get through a stretch of flood water, it does not mean that it is safe to follow.

"Even four-wheel-drive vehicles are not invincible when it comes to floods.”

He added that some of the calls were from people stranded in remote parts of the county where access was also difficult for the emergency services.

“Drivers need to think very carefully before trying to go through flood water," he said.

"Do you want to risk damaging your vehicle and possibly losing your life just for the sake of turning around and finding another route?”

Roads currently closed due to flooding include the C1122 Marden Road to the A49, Watery Lane in Yarkhill and Watery Lane in Hereford.

Roads in and around Leintwardine and the A438 near Letton ahve both re-opened.

An updated list of flood-affected roads can be found here.

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