EMERGENCY staff dealt with four calls every minute as 999 demand soared at the start of 2014... including one from a man who said that ghosts had appeared in his flat after a ouija board session.

On New Year’s Eve afternoon in Malvern, police were called to a report of a man breaking into a property at Kipling Close, but it turned out to be a householder who had locked himself out.

Later in the evening, officers were called to a fight at Archers Close, although when they arrived, there was no sign of the problem.

And officers also came across a dispute in Church Street but they managed to defuse the situation and sent the parties on their way.

At 8.50pm, officers were told three cars, a grey Alfa Romeo Spider, a black VW Polo and a black Ford Fiesta, parked in Belmont Road, Malvern, had been keyed. Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

At 10.50pm, abusive graffiti was reported at the White House Veterinary Centre, Newtown Road.

The incident number is 572s311213.

A man was arrested in Mayfield Road at 2.12am on suspicion of burglary after he was found by police trying to force access to a property.

And at 3.27am, a man was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving at Brookside, Colwall, after a car crash.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning, police received a call from a man reporting that ghosts had appeared in his flat after he used a home-made ouija board.

The new year led to the staggering number of requests for help from West Midlands Ambulance Service, with 159 people in Worcestershire alone needing assistance.

More than 200 ambulances and 100 paramedics responded to 1,875 999 calls between 8pm on Tuesday night and 5.50am on New Year’s Day.

It was also a busy night for West Mercia Police, with a major patrol effort leading to more than 20 arrests for alcohol-related incidents across south Worcestershire. A special police patrol operation was set-up covering the area including dogs and vehicles. Mark Travis, superintendent for South Worcestershire, said more than 20 arrests were made during the early hours of New Year's Day, most of them in Worcester.

Supt Travis said: “Overall it passed off very well.

We had a large number of officers on extended shifts.

The vast majority of people were superb, very good humoured and only a small minority had to be dealt with, largely because they were intoxicated.”