A TRADITIONAL mid-winter festival designed to wake up apple trees and encourage them to produce a good harvest is to take place in Colwall on Saturday.

The Wassail will start from Colwall Stone before a butler will lead an assembled throng in a Wassailing ceremony that involves pouring a libation of cider on the tree roots.

Lifting a small boy, known as Tom Tit, into the tree to put toast in the branches and making lots of noise to drive away evil spirits also forms part of the tradition.

Hot food, mulled wine, apple juice and cake will then be served before people gather around a bonfire for sparklers and Wassailing songs.

People should meet at Colwall Stone, opposite the railway station at 6pm for a 6.30pm set-off.

Donations of £2 are also asked, with funds going towards conserving traditional orchards in the village.

For more information, visit colwallorchardgroup.org