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Controversial school transport plan goes under council scrutiny

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    COUNCIL members are able to call-in a review of a decision made by cabinet or a cabinet member after it has been made but before it has been implemented.
  • The committee has no power to overturn a decision made by cabinet however, it can only request the cabinet to reconsider its decision.


Frustrated2014 12:28pm Wed 15 Jan 14

Frustrating! We feel we are being penalised for choosing to support our local catchment school. This is something we strongly believe in and don't think parents should have a 'choice'. We should all want what is best for ALL children, not just our own. I cannot believe how often families remove their children from their local community to attend another school. The Hereford Councils proposed changes penalise families who support their local schools. It is appalling.

Score: 5
Ladybird2000 1:30pm Wed 15 Jan 14

More openess please - I am fortunate in that the proposal does not affect my child however it is so infuriating that the council proposes such an unfair proposal that penalises families who choose to send their children to a school that may not be the nearest one. I would like to know the exact cost of sending my child to school and see the equivalent funding be given to the school to provide their own school transport. Once again the rural community is an easy target for the council.

Score: 3
Mr.Herefordian 9:07am Thu 16 Jan 14

I read that Councillor Morgan left the meeting resulting in no cabinet member being present for most of meeting, remember her record when children's cabinet member.

Score: 4
jb7821 2:06pm Thu 16 Jan 14

In terms of the effect on parents with children currently at school: having finally got our child settled happily (in our CATCHMENT school) we will not be moving to a nearer school as a result of the council's ludicrous proposal.

Neither will we be forking out £720 a year however. We will be driving each morning and afternoon. Yes, it increases traffic on the roads whilst children are about and yes, it increases polution - but the council gives us no realistic alternative.

I would like to know how this saves money however. I expect some parents will pay to keep their kids at the current school - so the current bus will keep on running. And no doubt some will go for free transport to the nearer school - which will require a new bus to be provided. So I fail to see how running an additional bus 'saves' any money.

What I do see is parents being coerced into paying for school transport because their nearest school is 2 miles closer than their catchment school.

Although you have to admire the council's cunning in astutely exploiting a loophole in the legislation to extract more money from parents. Shame they seem to have forgotten who they are supposed to be representing.

Score: 3
jb7821 1:44pm Fri 17 Jan 14

Deeply ironic - although (sadly) not surprising - that at the same time as this flawed proposal goes through umpteen stages of consultation, presentation, review, re-review for a claimed £250,000 saving (it would be interesting to know what the exercise has cost so far), the Hereford Times is also reporting the council incurring a £5 million annual bill on temporary staff posts.

It seems to me that the council should reconsider its priorities.

Score: 0

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