GOOD things come in very small packages if the newest member of a county farm is anything to go by.

Amie, a miniature zebu, arrived at Small Breeds Farm Park and Animal Centre in Kington, last Thursday.

The miniature zebu is the smallest natural breed of cow in the world and is native to Sri Lanka and Southern India where they are considered "sacred" cows.

Amie is one of only 24 pure bred miniature zebu in the U.K and the first one to be born at the centre.

"She is a real robust and feisty character and is already going down fantastically with visitors," said Jay Brittain, owner of the centre.

The centre in Kington is home to a wide range of small breeds, from pygymy goats to rare owls, and there are currently six zebus living there.

Amie is set to have a new playmate within the next three weeks as Muriel is also due to give birth.

“This means we now have responsibility for 25 per cent of the entire British miniature zebu population,” Jay added.

For more information on the centre, which is open every day, visit or call 01544 231109.