A £500 a day job is on offer with the Herefordshire Council service struggling to make huge savings and facing an overspend of close to £4m.

The same department is also offering a job on £425 a day, with the positions running until October.

National recruiting agency BRC has been approached by the council to find two temporary senior managers in adult social care.

An interim head of service gets up to £500 a day, and an interim commissioning lead up to £425 a day. As advertised, the head of service would work with the director of  adult wellbeing and the existing head of adult operations to support the directorate's 2014 "transformation" plan.

A key responsibility for the commissioning lead is pitched as promoting the "personalisation" of services enabling clients to do " as much for themselves as they can".

With its spiralling cost year-on-year, adult social care has long been the council's biggest budget challenge and the service is undergoing unprecedented changes in provision to meet savings targets.

The adult well-being directorate, of which adult social care is a part, currently reports an over spend of £3.9m - or £550k worse than the position reported in September - with savings slipping or not being able to be delivered.

Within the approved budget of £54m, savings of £8.3m were planned, of which £7.1m relates to
adult social care. Some £2.3m of those savings are said to be at risk - all within adult social care.
The directorate is continuing  to review where further savings can be found this year to cover the shortfall.

Some £900k in savings found in the economy, communities and corporate directorate will be transferred to adult well-being in 2014-15 on top of the £300k already transferred.