DEVELOPERS behind an ambitious project to build a riverside apartment on stilts to replace a former restaurant near Hereford city centre have upped its plans.

Riverside Construction Ltd was granted permission to build a five-storey building at the old Campions restaurant site, next to Greyfriars Bridge, in 2011.

The proposal, which the developers said would provide "visual presence and stature" to one of the busiest routes into Hereford" included 14 flats and would be "T-shaped."

However, the latest application is to up the proposal to 18 flats, which would still be over five stories and includes 19 car park spaces.

If approved, it will include one one-bedroom apartment, 16 two-bedded and one three-bedded, with all the homes overlooking the River Wye.

The Campions building was demolished last year after remaining a derelict eyesore ever since it closed in the 1990s.