A 43-year-old drugs mule from Talgarth faces the death penalty in Indonesia after admitting trafficking 1.4kg of crystal meth into the county last year.

Andrea Waldeck, originally from the sleepy border town near Hay-on-Wye, has said she found herself caught up in an international drugs ring.

A former police community support officer – who only left Gloucestershire police in 2012 ¬–Waldeck faces sentencing this week.

And in Indonesia, the maximum penalty for drug smuggling is death.

Arrested last April at a hotel in East Java by local police acting on a tip-off, Waldeck admitted smuggling the drugs in from China.

The bags of ‘ice’ – made famous by TV show Breaking Bad and the ‘crystal methodist’, former Co-Op Bank chief, Paul Flowers – held a street value of around £100, 000, and were found inside her bra and strapped to her waist.

However, Waldeck may yet escape the death penalty.

In December prosecutors called for a fine of around £100,000 and indicated that a 16-year jail sentence may be more likely, however a final decision will be taken at the sentencing in Surabaya.

Waldeck’s mother and brother both flew out for a hearing last week – where her lawyer, Roberto Kaligis, told the court that his client had been a victim of “an international drugs mafia”.

He added that she was not a member of any drugs group.