A COURT has this week heard how a serial killer attacked two Hereford men “like a scene from Pyscho ”

in two random and brutal daytime stabbings.

Both survivors – Robin Bereza and John Rogers – described Joanna Dennehy as a dead-eyed assailant “going about business”

stabbing them repeatedly and remorselessly as they feared for their life.

And both were forced to re-live their ordeal last Friday, giving evidence at Cambridge Crown court in the trial of Dennehy’s alleged accomplice Gary Stretch.

Triple-murderer Dennehy wanted to “be caught like Bonnie and Clyde”, the court heard on Monday.

She posed and smiled for photos with Stretch at a flat before going out to find her next victims.

Jurors were also shown a video - featured below - in which she's seen laughing and joking in a Hereford shop minutes before she stabbed two men.

And, friend Georgina Page told the trial, she was jumping around with delight when she saw her face on the news.

Having fled Cambridgesh - ire and three corpses, among them a landlord and ex-lover, the pair drove to Hereford – Stretch’s former hometown – looking to add to the body count.

“I want my fun,” she told witness Mark Lloyd.

“Gary was the taxi driver, she went around killing people,” said Mr Lloyd, an associate of Stretch.

Describing last April’s at - tack on Westfaling Street in Whitecross, retired firefighter Mr Bereza said: “A car stopped. I didn’t think any more of it.

“I felt a blow to my right shoulder. I turned around and saw this lady - she just stared straight through me.”

He added: “I saw that thing in her hands, I didn’t know what it was. I got worried then, frightened. I said: ‘what are you doing?’”

With blood seeping through his jacket, the 63-year-old was left for dead near the junction with Hol - mer Street.

The second attack just moments later off Golden Post, Hunderton, was a brutal re-run of the first, said Mr Lloyd.

Again she struck at random, from behind; “thrusting and putting her whole weight behind it, like in the film Psycho ,” he said.

Mr Rogers said Dennehy did not show any emotion.

When he turned around, she looked at the blood now pouring from his stab wounds and said: “I better do some more”, the court heard.

“She just seemed like she was going about business,”

said Mr Rogers.

He fell to the ground but the attack continued as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

Found on a path linking Hunderton and Belmont, Mr Rogers – like Mr Bereza – was flown to life-saving surgery at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham.

Dennehy scooped up his terrified whippet and sat with it on her lap as they made their getaway.

Originally of Orton Gold - hay, Peterborough, she pleaded guilty to three murders at the Old Bailey in November and is in custody awaiting sentencing.

She also admitted preventing the lawful and decent burial of all three victims and two charges of at - tempted murder.

Stretch, real name Gary Richards, 47, of Riseholme, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, has denied three charges of preventing the lawful burial and two counts of attempted murder.

The trial, which is expected to end next month, continues