CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to fight on in a bid to save a ‘lifeline’ bus service.

Residents in Much Dewchurch and the surrounding villages fear proposed changes could signal the end for the 412 service from Garway to Hereford that they consider a vital lifeline for those with no alternative means of getting to the city.

Dr Patrick Grubb, of Much Dewchurch, has been leading a campaign to help save the service.

He said: “In Garway there are people who don’t have any other transport. There are many elderly people – some are in their 90s.”

More than 100 surveys were distributed throughout the nearby villages by campaigners and 45 have so far been received.

Concerns about access to Hereford for shopping, hospital appointments, work and college were all raised.

“I realised doing the survey that people could be really badly affected by these changes,”

Dr Grubb added.

“We have had a meeting in the local pub and many people are quite prepared to forego their bus passes if they can just keep their lifeline going.

“We are not trying to scrounge off the State – we actually need this thing. We just want to try and make the point and let people know what the circumstances are.”

Chris Powell, secretary of the action group, added that people who live in the rural parts of the county will be “totally cut off ” should the bus service cease.

The service currently runs from 8am to Hereford while there is a 2pm service back to the villages on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are also trips back from the city in the evening.

The 412 service was reduced by a third three years ago but, following representations by villagers, a new schedule was drawn up.