PEOPLE in Worcestershire have been put on flood alert as rain continues to fall on the county.

The Environment Agency has announced flooding is possible and members of the public should be prepared for the water levels to rise, with a number of flood defence schemes set to be implemented.

These include the Kempsey pumping station and the New Street and Waterside flood gates in Upton.

Low lying land and roads could be affected, including vehicular access to Dunn’s Lane in Upton.

At 3.30pm today, the level at the Worcester gauge was 3.07 metres and rising slowly and the Diglis gauge was measured at 2.74 metres and rising slowly.

Kempsy Yacht gauge read 4.93 metres and the level was rising and the Saxons Lode gauge was 3.80 metres and rising slowly.

Due to the forecast rainfall, the river is not due to peak until later in the week.