A HEREFORD scrap metal company turned into a genuine chop shop for a night as local firefighters sliced and diced a queue of cars as part of a training exercise.

Burcott Road metal recycler EMR provided the steady stream of used vehicles, as the team from Hereford fire station practised recues on training dummies trapped inside the cars.

“Being able to recreate road traffic accidents allows us to carry out essential training; the opportunity to use cars to practise these techniques is most beneficial to our crews allowing them to hone their skills in a realistic environment,” said Watch Commander Adrian Philips.

As part of that essential training, the teams need experience in cutting vehicles to gain access to casualties using a ‘heavy rescue appliances’.

Not to be outdone, the small team of scrap men on site showed off their own heavy lifting skills; using cranes and fork lift trucks to set up the crash scenes.

“We are always keen to offer our support and are really pleased to have been able to help in Hereford,” said depot manager Daniel Reast.