GOOD things come in miniature packages if a Herefordshire business' prize-winning classic toy is anything to go by.

The MiniMaster Sports Company – brainchild of Shobdon-based Simon Winfield – scooped first prize for "Best Use of Space on a Small Stand" at the 2014 Toy Fair held at Olympia.

Minimaster Sports launched MiniMaster golf – a game which has origins back in the 1920s and was made famous in the 1970s by Arnold Palmer.

Commenting on the show and the launch of the new venture, Simon said: “The inspiration for the business came from when I was moving home. As I slammed the doors of the Transit van shut, my son’s erstwhile favourite toy fell out.

“The toy was a classic, old fashioned, beautifully crafted traditional toy of an animal at the end of a stick. Before popping it back in the van, I took an imaginary swing at a ball – and it got me thinking.

“The rest, as they say, is history.”

Available in one or two player sets, each set comes with six mini golf clubs, ranging from a driver down to a putter, lightweight balls, bunkers, a water hazard, a tee and a green complete with pin and flag.

Once players have built a hole, they put their chosen club into the MiniMaster golfer’s hands, pull the trigger and he swings into action.

As with real golf, the quality and weight of the swing determine the final outcome.

The lightweight balls give great flight, while ensuring that nothing can be broken if playing indoors.

On the stand at Olympia, Simon mocked up a hole and held a tournament over three days – and his participative stand proved a big hit with both organisers and visitors.

“What I think proved so popular at the Toy Fair was not only the fun element but that it is a throwback to good, old fashioned, wholesome fun – for all the family.

“It does not involve screens or virtual reality. It is a classic game for all the family, playable indoors or outdoors.

“It is easy, and enjoyable, to both set up and play. You can use your imagination to make up your own holes. Replicate the ‘great’ holes of Augusta or St Andrews, or create your own dogleg in your lounge. The choice is entirely yours.

"It really is the antidote to today’s hi-tech modern world.”