A CAMPAIGN encouraging people to seek treatment as soon as they feel ill to ease the burden on hospitals has won the support of some of the top medical figures in Worcestershire.

The NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning group has thrown its support behind NHS England’s The Earlier the Better campaign.

The campaign is encouraging people, especially the elderly, to tell a friend, family member, carer or pharmacist if they feel unwell to prevent them from getting any worse.

The CCG’s director of quality and patient safety Mari Gay said: “If you’re feeling unwell, it’s easy to just soldier on, hoping that things will get better with time.

“I’d encourage those who feel under the weather, especially the elderly to seek help from a relative, carer or pharmacist, to prevent the issue from worsening.

“It is often the case that an individual can safely treat their own minor conditions or ailments by visiting a pharmacist for non-prescription medication. Pharmacists can also provide expert guidance on how to help manage long term-conditions, or give advice on the best treatment for a cough or cold.

“So if you feel under the weather, why not pop into the local pharmacy for advice on what to do. If the symptoms persist, then of course go and see your GP.”

Advice on minor illnesses can be found at nhs.uk/asap and information on services across the country is available at isaandeforme.com