DEVELOPERS looking to build nine houses at Credenhill will have to wait after planners delayed making their decision last week.

With a number of unreported road accidents on the development’s access road raised at the meeting, the deferral will force the applicant, Peter Griffiths, and council planners to consider all options – without the risk of a costly appeals process to the council.

While the plans were fully supported by planning officers, local representatives cited the access on to a “dangerous” stretch of the A480 as their main reason for opposition.

Residents claim that the road sees a minor accident on average once a week, but, councillor Bob Matthews told the meeting, very few are reported to police.

Access to the Cross Farm development comes at a point on the A-road near to bus stops and a pedestrian crossing well used by elderly villages and children from the nearby primary school.

And, the deferral – approved by nine votes to two – will give both sides to look at a proposed remodelling of one bus stop that will allow busses the space to pull off the main road.

Planning officer Kelly Gibbons said the issue of access was given “very serious” consideration, but based on the evidence, the addition of nine houses would not have a created an excessive increase in traffic on the road.