POLICE in Hereford are appealing for help to find out how a 22-year-old man ended up with a significant brain injury overnight.

The man was taken to Hereford County Hospital in the early hours of this morning in a dazed state and believes he may have been involved in a collision sometime during the previous evening.

He had left his home in Barton Place and is thought to have cycled to see a friend – who lives in St Martin’s Street – where he stayed until 7.30pm.

The white male – who was wearing blue jeans and dark coloured jacket initially but was topless later that evening – believes he then cycled to Commercial Road to buy food from Mr Chips.

Police want to hear from anyone who saw him cycling or pushing a white Carrera mountain bike in Hereford last night, or from anyone who saw a collision involving a cyclist or pedestrian.

Anyone with information can call 101 with incident number 016s 060214.