A Ledbury school has been given a good rating by Ofsted inspectors.

Inspectors said children at Bromesberrow St Mary's CofE primary school in Albright Lane, Bromesberrow, near Ledbury, made good progress and achieved well.

According to the report, pupils joined the school with varying skills but small numbers and good teaching meant they were helped as individuals to make good progress throughout their time at the school.

Inspectors said each pupil was known which allowed their work to be tailored to them.

Attainment was broadly average for reading, writing and maths with all pupils including those will special educational needs and vulnerable pupils who receive extra funding making similar progress.

Teaching was described as good with stimulating and interesting topics and lessons provided although inspectors said the school should now aim to increase its levels of outstanding teaching.

Assessment across the school was regular and accurate and appropriate interventions were swiftly implemented if any pupils were identified as underachieving.

Pupils were said to be eager to learn and well-behaved.

Staff, parents and carers were all positive about the school and felt it helped the children develop social, emotional and academic skills as well as academic ones.

Inspectors felt a sizeable group of Gypsy Roma pupils who come to the school were well integrated within the whole school and attended well.

Inspectors also said the headteacher and governing body communicated high expectations and had a good understanding of the school's performance.

However, although systems were in place to check on the quality of teaching, subject leaders were said to not be fully involved in monitoring teaching and learning across the school.

Laura Hankins, the school's headteacher, said: "We are pleased that Ofsted recognised what we already knew about our school - that we are good, and can see that we are improving and evolving all the time.

"It was noted that the school’s capacity to continue the drive for further improvement was strong.

"This was a no notice inspection and as such they really did see the reality - a positive, forward thinking school with its pupils and their needs at the heart of all that we do."