HERE is an updated list of roads affected by flooding, provided by Herefordshire Council.

A4110  Adforton to Leintwardine - closed

A4110  Bainstree to Lawton Cross - passable with care

A4113  Leintwardine to Walford - now open

B4224  Hampton Bishop - passable with care

B4348  The Bage, Hardwicke - closed

B4348  Vowchurch - passable with care due to landslide

B4361  Hereford Road, Leominster - passable with care

B4362  Coombe - passable with care

B4530  Adforton to Walford - passable with care

C1001  Buckton - closed

C1006  Walford towards Letton - passable with care

C1039  Kingsland to Yarpole - passable with care

C1115  Shortwood Farm, Little Cowarne - closed due to damaged road surface 

C1120  Marden - Moreton on Lugg - closed

C1122  Marden to A49 - closed

C1125  Wergins Bridge to Sutton St Nicholas - closed

C1149  Watery Lane, Yarkhill - closed

C1196  Madley - closed

U71015  Winters Cross, Glewstone - closed due to damaged road surface 

U72015  Lower Bullingham Lane/Watery Lane - closed

U72201  Church Lane, Hampton Bishop - closed

U72627  Ford Lane, Wellington - closed

U91200  The Yeld, Kington - closed

U92206  Paytoe Lane, Leintwardine - closed

U92210  Jays Lane, Leintwardine - closed

U93605  Newton Lane, Ivington - closed