AFTER Angela Jones was knocked off her bicycle on her way to work, she vowed never to ride again.

But more than a decade after the collision she is gearing up to cycle 300 miles from London to Paris to help the Alzheimer’s Society.

The 61-year-old from Belmont, Hereford, said although the physical injuries following the collision with a bus on Holme Lacy Road were limited to cuts and bruises, she was terrified of getting on a bike or in a car and didn't leave her house for five days.

She said: "I lost all my confidence and even now I won't drive unless I really have to. A bus clipped my front wheel and I was knocked off my bike. My life flashed before my eyes."

After plucking up the courage to join Hereford women's cycle group Shirley's Wheels, Angela gained the confidence to ride again.

Angela, an insurance assistant with Hoople, said: "I didn't think I'd ever get back on a bike but I absolutely love it now. I cycle everywhere, including too and from work every day and it feels wonderful."

Her turnaround is shown by the fact that Angela will take on the London to Paris challenge in September.

She wants to raise more than £2,000 for Alzheimer’s Society as a thank you for all the support they have given following her mother's diagnosis with dementia.

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