HERE is an updated list of roads affected by flooding, provided by Herefordshire Council.

A4110 Adforton to Leintwardine - closed 

A4110 Lawton to Bainstree Cross - closed

A4110 Portway - passable with care

A4113 Adforton to Leintwardine - closed

A4113 Walford to Leintwardine - passable with care

A438 Bridge Sollers to The Weir - passable with care

A438 Letton - closed due to tree down 

A49 Dinmore Hill - northbound- tree partially blocking road but passable with care

B4224 Hampton Bishop - closed

B4224 Mordiford Bridge Road closed - pump in place  

B4224 Howle Caple - closed due to tree down 

B4234 Walford - closed

B4347 Ewyas Harold - passable with care

B4348 Vowchurch - passable with care due to land slide

B4348 Bull Ring, Kingstone - closed

B4348 Winnal to Kingstone - passable with care

B4348 Winnal - passable with care

B4352 Tyberton to Blakemere - closed

B4361 Luston - passable with care

B4362 Coombe - closed

B4362 Coombe between Byton to Presteigne (this affects the junction with C1007) - passable with care

C1001 Buckton - passable with care

C1014 Trippleton Lane, Leintwardine  - closed due to damaged road surface 

C1017 Adforton to Burrington - closed 

C1036 Kingsland village - passable with extreme care

C1039 Kingsland to Yarpole* - closed

C1086 Kinnersley - passable with care

C1112 A49 to Stoke Prior - passable with care

C1115 Shortwood Farm, Little Cowarne - closed due to damaged road surface 

C1120 Marden to Moreton on Lugg - closed

C1122 Marden to A49 - closed

C1125 Wergins Bridge to Sutton St Nicholas - closed

C1135 Eardisland - passable with extreme care

C1149 Watery Lane, Yarkhill - closed

C1196 Madley - closed

C1203 Craswell to Hay on Wye (damaged surface in Powys) - closed due to damaged road surface 

C1221 Kingstone - closed

C1258 Huntsman Bridge, Goodrich - closed

C1260 Goodrich - closed due to fallen tree 

C1261 Hoarwithy Road, Hoarwithy - closed

C1266 Bolstone Lane to Little Dewchurch - closed

C1267 Carey to Hoarwithy - closed

C1268 Holme Lacy Road, Rotherwas - closed due to damaged road surface 

U71000 Tresseck Mill Road, Hoarwithy - closed

U71006 Foy (near Strangford Tip) - closed to HGVs due to collapsed road 

U71015 Winters Cross, Glewstone - closed due to damaged road surface 

U71406 St Weonards - closed

U72015 Lower Bullingham Lane/Watery Lane - closed

U72201 Church Lane, Hampton Bishop - closed

U72621 Litmarsh Lane, Marden - tree down with power cables closed

U72627 Ford Lane, Wellington - closed

U73211 Shenmore Village - tree down closed

U91200 The Yeld, Kington - closed due to land slip 

U92206 Paytoe Lane, Leintwardine - closed

U92210 Jays Lane, Leintwardine - closed

U93605 Newton Lane, Ivington - passable with extreme care


Let us know if we've missed any and keep an eye on Herefordshire Council's website here: for any changes.