A PUPPY has been reunited with its owners thanks to the power of social media.

Mella DeGuzman was putting out the bins at her Hereford home yesterday evening when seven-month-old Buddy made a run for it through the front door.

Mella and her partner Toby Allardyce searched for him through the night, fearing he may have drowned in floodwaters.

However, thanks to around 500 people seeing the couple's plea for help on Facebook, Buddy was found.

Toby, a welder, said: "When we couldn't find Buddy we were just crying and thinking the worst. But we can't believe how many people came out to look for him - people pretty much covered the whole of Hereford searching for him.

"He was found on Monday morning by someone who had seen the online appeal and they messaged me on Facebook and now we have him back. He's unharmed and completely fine. We can't thank people enough.

"I would like to give a special thank you to David Harbottle for spotting him near St Martin's Church, to Kallie for picking him up at the bus stop, and to Connor Neilly for taking him in and looking after him. I also want to thank Lauren and her pug for staying out for hours last night looking for him."