LAST week, Pembridge director James W Griffiths picked up a BAFTA for Best British Short Film.

To celebrate his success we’ve compiled a list of blockbusters that were never made in Herefordshire...but should’ve been.

Let us know if we’ve missed any!

1) Bridge over the River Wye

Ledbury Reporter: Victoria bridge hereford

2) There’s Something about Carey

3)  Lyde and Prejudice

4)  Lost in TransLinton

5)  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Burghills

6) Brokeback Moreton

7) James Bond: Quantum of Sollars

8) Ferris Dulas Day Off

9) Escape to Risbury

10) Sherlock Fromes

11) Lea, Myself and Eye

12) Good Will Huntington

13) Million Dollar Sapey

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14) No Place Like Holmer

15) The Pyon King

16) Beverly Hills Orcop

17) Fear and Loathing in Ross Vegas

Ledbury Reporter: Ross-on-Wye saw itself at the centre of a debate following an article in The Guardian.

18) We Need to Talk about Dilwyn

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19) For whom the Belmont Tolls

20) A Fistful of Sollars

21) The Bush Bank Redemption

22) Truly, Madley, Deeply

23) Alice in Eardisland

24) The Good, the Bad and the Putley

25) Saving Private Ryelands

26) The Hay-trix

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