WHEN her little brother's try at a conjuring trick went badly wrong, Minnie Albright was "magic".

Minnie’s Heartstart skills proved their worth as four-year-old Gabriel  choked on the 2p piece he swallowed.

This week, nine-year-old Minnie talked a special assembly at Pembridge primary school through the lifesaving effort that earned her two awards.

The awards - from Heartstart and the British Heart Foundation - were presented to Minnie at the assembly, with Gabriel looking on.

Gabriel was trying magic trick he saw on TV when he swallowed the 2p piece and stopped breathing.

Then, the Heartstart lifesaving skills Minnie learned at school kicked in.

Seeing Gabriel's airway was blocked she started the back blow technique she had been taught.

When the coin didn’t shift Minnie moved on to abdominal thrusts then further back blows to dislodge the coin.

Loraine Coleman, Herefordshire Heartstart Co-ordinator & Schools Project Manager, said: " We are incredibly proud of Minnie’s achievement, for staying calm, using the skills she had learnt and saving little Gabriel’s life. 

"If any school doubted the value of delivering Heartstart training to their pupils, Minnie’s story is proof of how it can mean the difference between life and death.”

All schools in Herefordshire have been offered the Heartstart opportunity that all but a handful have taken up.

Minnie's mum Merry was so impressed by her daughter’s quick-thinking she signed up to Heartstart course herself.

“I can’t thank Herefordshire Heartstart and Pembridge School enough for teaching my daughter these vital skills. I hope that by talking about what happened, more schools will think seriously about teaching their children these skills that could save a life," said Merry.

For more on Heartstart courses go to www.herefordshireheartstart.org or email info@herefordshireheartstart.co.uk or call Loraine Coleman on 0845 60 60 654.