LOCAL Rotarians hosted a dinner in honour of the captain of HMS Ledbury, during his recent visit to the town.

Lt Commander Simon Pressdee treated Rotarians, at the Feathers Hotel, to a picture presentation about the work being done by his Hunt Class minesweeper, along with video footage of a mine being destroyed out at sea.

Lt Commander Pressdee said he was delighted to be a guest of the Ledbury Rotary Club members "as these visits have become something of a tradition".

Thanking Simon for his talk President Steve Wheeler said “We are pleased and proud to receive Simon and we are reminded of the vital work being done by all our armed forces to protect our country.

"It is timely to offer heartfelt congratulations to the captain and crew of HMS Ledbury for recently winning the “Effectiveness Trophy” which was presented to them by Rear Admiral Duncan Potts, who is Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Capability) and Controller of the Navy.”

See here, Simon Wheeler shakes the hand of Simon Pressdee, Captain of HMS Ledbury. Picture by Jan Long.