NOROVIRUS is back at Hereford County Hospital.

As of today (Tues) the highly contagious vomiting bug is contained to a single bay – a handful of beds – at the hospital.

But with hundreds of visitors to the hospital expected every day, Wye Valley NHS Trust (WVT) is urging anyone who has had diarrhoea, vomiting or flu-like symptoms over the past week to stay away.

“We’re asking everyone considering visiting a friend or relative in hospital to think carefully about whether they need to come if they have experienced these symptoms in the last four days. We understand people wanting to visit sick friends or relatives, but if they themselves have been unwell, they could put others at risk," said Neil Doverty, WVT chief operating officer. 

"If you’re unsure whether to visit, please feel free to contact the ward nurse before you come into any of our hospitals,” he said.

The Trust instead urges any potential patient worried about prolonged symptoms to see their GP or call for advice.

A need for essential hand, surface and material hygiene is also being stressed.

Recovery times without treatment range from 24-72 hours with the Trust saying those affected should stay away rom work, school, college or any social gatherings until free of symptoms for at least 48 hours.