QUESTIONS are being asked as to why the turnout for last week's town council election was so low, with less than 12% of the eligible population turning out to put a cross in the box.

The Ledbury Reporter understands that no-one at all arrived to voted at the Ledbury Primary School polling station until a local couple walked in, at 9.20am.

The polling stations all opened at 7am.

Town Coun Martin Eager said that a helper had been located in the Community Hall, usually a polling station, to re-direct would-be voters to the correct polling stations.

But only eight would-be voters arrived there all day, from 7am to 10pm.

The Community Hall, at Lawnside Road, was being used for a blood donor session on the day of the election.

Even Richard Hadley, the winner of the election and Ledbury's newest town councillor, has questioned in a "tweet" on twitter why public interest was not greater in the election.

In his post, Coun Hadley wondered whether the problem was apathy, or public antipathy towards politics, or just unawareness.