A WOMAN who survived a 'tough battle' against breast cancer is fund-raising to support anyone facing the same struggle.

Marie Pearson was diagnosed with the disease in 2012, aged 34, after she discovered a lump in her left breast.

Following the diagnosis Marie faced a year of gruelling operations, including a mastectomy, as well as chemotherapy.

Marie, who spent the first 30 years of her life living in Hereford before moving to Swansea, was 'extremely relieved' to be given the all clear before Christmas and is now back on her feet.

"When I found the lump I didn't think it was cancer - I thought it was just tissue or something. I was so shocked when I was diagnosed as I'm young, but I've since spoken to people who've been diagnosed even younger than I was," she said.

"It is scary and hard - there were days when I couldn't even walk up the stairs in my house. You do ask 'why me?'

"I just feel lucky in a way that I found it early enough. You really wouldn't wish cancer on your worst enemy."

Although she didn't seek help from the charity directly, Marie says she now fully understands the importance of places such as Hereford's breast cancer support charity The Haven.

She has arranged a race night and funds raised will be split between The Haven and St Michael's Hospice.

She added: "It has been quite hard as most of my family live in Hereford and it helps to have people to talk to about what you're going through. I had a lot of people on Facebook and other websites that I spoke to which helped so much, but I wanted to raise money for The Haven as their service is invaluable.

"My daughters, Ceinwen and Iola, and my partner Ian have been fantastic - my mood swings were quite bad at times because of the chemo. Ceinwen even raised £60 for the breast care unit that treated me in Swansea."

The race night takes place The Brewer's Arms in Hereford on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Tickets are not needed and people are invited to turn up on the night.