KINGTON Town Council has moved house, taking up its new premises in the Old Police Station as part of an asset transfer to save the town’s other facilities.

KTC will now share the Market Hall Street building with Marches Access Point (MAP) – the training centre that currently occupies it – following a £75,000 refurbishment.

It’s a move that the town’s mayor, Bob Widdowson, hopes will ensure Kington’s public buildings remain in the hands of the people of Kington.

He said: “We have relinquished our former home in exchange for Herefordshire Council making substantial improvements to the Old Police Station building.

“This is in line with our commitment to keeping Kington’s public buildings for community use.”

Discussions began in November over Herefordshire Council transferring ownership of the Old Police Station to the town council, along with the Market Hall, two car parks and the public toilets.

Final decisions are expected later this year, following an assessment of the facilities’ costs and potential liabilities.

While the former headquarters at Mill Street will likely be sold off by Herefordshire Council, the deal may prevent those other assets - as well as the town’s museum, the Place de Marines and the Coach house - following it onto the open market.

For the town council, opening hours and contact details will remain the same at their new premises, and Coun Widdowson has been impressed with the revamped building.

He said: “The Old Police Station provides excellent facilities for the council with a larger meeting room and technical facilities.”

And new neighbours MAP are this week launching five new computer courses for those looking to improve their IT skills.

Covering everything from creating your own website to an introduction to Microsoft Word 2010, each course runs for five weeks.

For more information contact MAP on 01544 231 771or .