A POSTMAN who "goes the extra mile" is the latest winner of the Herefordshire Hero award.

James Cloxton, aged 37, was nominated by Amanda James for his great and caring attitude.

The Belmont postie has been with Royal Mail for 15 years.

He said: "Within the job, people are not your customers, they are your friends. You see the same person every day.

"It's really nice to think that you're not just putting letters through the door and if I can, I will go the extra mile."

His round takes him through Munstone, Shelwick, Lower Lyde, Bodenham and Hope-under-Dinmore.

"I prefer the rural rounds," he said. "You're out and about and seem to see more people in the countryside, perhaps because more people choose to retire there."

James suffered from a brain tumour when he was 17 which altered his career path from carpentry but working with wood is still a much-loved hobby for him.

Every month the Hereford Times and the Great British Florist will join forces to give someone worthy of recognition.

To nominate your Herefordshire Hero, email details to fiona.phillips@herefordtimes.com