JUST two months after county planners refused permission for two new superstores in Leominster, a fresh application is ready to be submitted.

FH Dales was refused permission to build an 85,000sq ft Sainsbury’s store on its Mill Street site in January but the company is now asking Herefordshire Council's planning committee to consider new plans.

Now bidding for a 36,000sq ft supermarket with a sales area of 25,000sq ft, the application has dropped both its request for a petrol station – due to environmental concerns – and plans for up to 50 new homes.

Andrew MacWhirter, managing director of Dales, said: “This year our business will have had its home in Leominster for 82 years and working with our neighbours and the local community is something we have always taken seriously.

"Our aim is to deliver an acceptable, sustainable development for the town and, by doing so, address the concerns raised by local residents and the council in its reasons for refusal.

"I believe that we have been bold in that approach and we very much hope that Herefordshire Council and Leominster residents will be able to support this new proposal that represents on-going investment and employment growth in Leominster as well bringing to the town a new store, increased choice and much needed competition for local customers.

"We believe this announcement is all round good news for the town.”

The application still seeks permission to introduce enhanced pedestrian and cycle linkages to the town centre and Dales is planning to retain its offices and reduce its existing factory site from 103,000sq ft to 44,000sq ft.

It will remain in operation on the main Mill Street site as a minor works fabrication shop and in-house training and apprenticeship facility.

The business claims there is an "accepted need" for a new food store to serve Leominster and its catchment.

It is not known which superstore will move to the site, should permission be granted.

The second planning application will be submitted to Herefordshire Council over the coming days.