A COUNTRY road had to be closed to traffic after fly tippers left a trail of debris and rubbish along it.

The rubbish in Old Malvern Road, Powick, included an assortment of bricks, rubble, fence posts and rocks, and could have posed a deadly hazard to drivers.

Luckily it was spotted by a council worker who decided to close the road until it could be cleared.

The rubish was dumped close to Powick Primary School on Wednesday.

Headteacher Richard Drewett said: “ Quite a few parents came in with raised eyebrows after they had seen the rubbish, but they were understanding about it.

“It was quite the shock when I first saw it, as it would have been for everyone who saw it first time, it is a bit of a surprise.

“The rubbish seemed to have spread for about 50 metres, but people were still getting to school on time in general, they just had to drive very carefully around it.

“In the dark, that rubbish would have been very dangerous, even though it’s not as bad in the day as you can see it, it’s still quite dangerous for drivers and their children.”

The rubbish was later spotted on Wednesday night by a Worcestershire County Council worker.

A spokesman for the council said yesterday: “A member of our Highways Department was driving along Old Malvern Road, on Wednesday night, and noticed a lorry load had been fly-tipped onto the road.

“The road was closed upon seeing it, around 11pm, with work to clear it carried out the next morning, which was scheduled to be completed by Thursday afternoon.”

The rubbish is the latest in a number of recent fly-tipping incidents in the region.

Yesterday we reported how a pile of rubbish, including 50 tyres, had been dumped in a country lane in Kempsey.

The rubbish was left in Taylors Lane on Tuesday and district councillor David Harrison warned fly-tippers were becoming more brazen.

Malvern Hills District Council has warned that anyone caught illegally dumping waste could be fined up to £50,000.