A TOWN Councillor is testing the temperature of local democracy, following a poor turn out for a recent town councillor election.

Coun Richard Hadley, who was actually elected during the election, on February 27, is wondering why only 12 per cent of the electorate actually voted.

He said: "Why so few?"

Coun Hadley added: "A few town councillors and local residents have set up a short online survey to find out what people thought of the election process - publicity, information, and motivations.

"Can you tell us what's in your mind when it comes to local elections?"

The online survey, which allows the respondent to remain anonymous, is designed to take no more than three minutes.

Coun Hadley said: "We’re not interested in whom you voted for. Just why you did or didn’t vote.

"The plan is to get Ledbury Town Council to support an official Working Group into the way it can motivate more people to participate in town affairs, including elections.

The results of the survey will help inform those plans - and hopefully lead to more people going out to vote and maybe even putting themselves forward for election in future. "

Anyone wishing to complete the survey should click on: