LEDBURY Primary School is on a mission to encourage traditional values among the local community, and special events have been organised to help spread the message.

The school is an official values education primary, which encourages qualities such and courtesy and consideration among the pupils.

But headteacher, Julie Rees sees no reason why these qualities should only be encouraged in the classroom.

On Friday, March 21, the primary hosted a free forest school evening event, for all ages, which was funded by the Lottery.

Story teller Carol Graham entertained with traditional yarns, while her audience enjoyed toasted marsh mallows and crumpets by the outdoor fire, beneath the trees.

Despite a few drops of rain, the weather remained dry enough for it to be a big success, with many children taking the opportunity to try their hand at pottery, with the help of Jon Williams of Eastnor, or blacksmithing by assisting Stephen McRae on the bellows of his portable forge.