HEINEKEN has today (Monday) confirmed a £58m investment in HP Bulmer Ltd  and big changes to its Universal Beverages site in Ledbury.

The £58m spent on the Bulmer plant at Whitecross, Hereford, is intended to increase production capacity and to modernise ancillary operations  such as packaging.

In a statement, Heineken says the investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to keeping the county as the “global home of cider”.


Outline proposals for the Universal Beverages Limited (UBL) site in Ledbury see its present  cider production and packaging operations shifted to Hereford by late 2015.

Ledbury will then become a dedicated fruit milling site.


Heineken say the investment will  secure  hundreds of jobs in the county over the long term and create more at Whitecross.

However, the company concedes that ”fewer jobs” will be needed at UBL where a full consultation process was now underway.