THE TOP end of St Katherine's car park will be closed for several weeks, to allow a crane to be used for the Master's House project.

The end of the car park close to the Feather's Hotel will be shut for at least two weeks, beginning on Monday, April 7, so that the removal of supports around the Master's House can take place.

Herefordshire Council communications officer, Michelle Morgan said: "An exciting milestone for the Master’s House will begin as the process of removing the scaffold that currently covers the site gets underway.

"The scaffold is comprised of thousands of tubes and beams and is weighted down by over 5500 concrete blocks on top of 320 railway sleepers. The removal of the structure will take nearly as long as it took to erect. It needs to be taken down extremely carefully so not to damage the newly finished roof."

She added: "A crane will be sited to lift off the steel roof trusses, and for these to be dismantled safely.

"The contractors, Speller Metcalfe Ltd will endeavour to undertake this as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to the town and car park users."