THIS daisy certainly won't be winning any beauty competitions this spring.

The flower has been dubbed the 'mutant daisy' by the brothers who found it growing in a play area close to their home in Steen's Bridge, near Leominster.

Stoke Prior Primary School pupils Joshua Allen, aged 10, and his eight-year-old brother, Aiden, took the daisy home to show their parents and to try to shed more light on why it had grown the way it had.

Their mother Lisa said: "The boys are always bringing things home that they have found, usually with the intention of finding out what they are and thinking of alternate uses for them.

"They described the flower as a "mutant daisy", which to be honest could be true. We did some research on the internet but could not find anything out about why it would look like that.

"The boys now want to send the picture to the BBCs Countryfile, which they both enjoy watching."