SMOG that has shrouded the county today (Thurs) is expected to clear over tomorrow.

Herefordshire Council has had a major air quality monitoring operation underway today with regular readings taken from 20 sites across the county.

Bargates in Leominster and the A49 corridor through Hereford emerged as areas of specific concern.

The council began preparations for its monitoring operation yesterday when forecasters offered initial indications of very high levels of air pollution related to the “Saharan Smog” phenomenon.

Now, the council is working to forecasts that have much of the smog clearing over tomorrow.


Herefordshire Council has had a duty to review and assess the county’s air quality since the late 1990s. 

This is done by measuring nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels at locations across the county, including Hereford and the market towns. 


This monitoring means the council can follow trends in pollution levels and provide regular reports on the county’s ability to meet the government’s air quality objectives.

The  A49 corridor in Hereford and the  Bargates junction in Leominster don’t meet these objectives.


Both were legally designated as ‘Air Quality Management Areas’ (AQMAs) in the mid 2000s and accepted as such by the government.