TIME seems to be standing still for repairs to Ledbury's town clock, which is believed to have been the target of an air-gun sniper.

Several panes of milky-white glass have been blown in, on the side facing Bye Street, and a recent inspection in the tower of the Elizabeth Barrett Browning Institute, which houses the clock, revealed neat little holes in other panes of the clock face.

Alex Clive of the Elizabeth Barrett Browning Institute Trust, which looks after the building, revealed last month that special glass had been ordered from abroad, and this was set to arrive at Liverpool docks shortly.

Two weeks on, the trust is still waiting for the special delivery, so repairs can take place.

"I'm chasing it up," said Mr Clive.

But in the meantime, Mr Clive has reported his suspicions of an air-gun sniper to the police.

He said this week that the police had not carried out their own inspection of the tower, because the evidence was not firm enough, and he said it was now a case of "wait and see" after the new panes had been installed.

Originally, trustees and town councillors suspected that the damage had been caused by stormy winter weather.

Mr Clive said: "If new damage appears, it will then be an indication that something is going on."

The new panes, yet to arrive, have cost the trust "several hundred pounds" to purchase.