The Rural Media Company is putting film cameras in the hands of young people keen to tell their story.

‘Into Film’ is a project working with the Leominster’s pupil referral unit The Priory and the county’s Looked After Children team to produce a series of films that will be distributed nationally and entered into film festivals.

The young people shape the film at every stage; writing, filming, editing and starring in their own movie.

The films are to be completed this Spring, and Rural Media’s Nathan Williams – one of the project’s leaders – paid tribute to both the quality and dedication already on display.

He said the work these young people are doing is outstanding.

“They have worked brilliantly together and produced some fantastic work," he added.

"They should all feel immensely proud of themselves.”

Rural Media specialises in working with hard-to-reach groups across the county, giving young people access to high-quality cultural experiences they might not normally have access to.

Projects like Into Film have a proven success rate of using arts to inspire and sustain the interest of young people, and The Priory’s head said the sessions with Rural Media's sessions have helped re-engage pupils who had found themselves out of mainstream education.

The Priory’s young film-makers are there because of a variety of reasons; long periods of absence, family breakdown or social and cultural exclusion.

But as a team they have come together to put their world on the big screen, producing personal films that will soon be viewed around the country, following individual premiers hosted in Herefordshire.

The Priory’s head, Angela Tempany, said: “There is considerable work to do in engaging young people in a PRU; giving them confidence in their abilities and sustaining their interest.

“Rural Media are highly skilled in motivating challenging students, who look forward to these sessions and leave feeling enthusiastic and proud of their work - it’s fantastic!”

A film education charity, Into Film works with organisations and youth groups nationwide to put film at the heart of young people’s education.

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