AN incurable condition brought Caroline Evans into Ian Cole’s life four years ago.

Ian had his Parkinson’s Disease confirmed back then, Caroline has helped him live with the condition since.

Now, Ian assists Caroline in helping others who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He’s one of the patient support team at Hereford County Hospital where Caroline is a specialist Parkinson’s nurse.

More than 50 patients in the county were diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year alone.

Last week the county’s Parkinson’s care team came to the fore  as Wye Valley NHS Trust (WVT) joined with the charity Parkinson’s UK  to raise awareness of disease and local support available for patients.

The hospital hosted an information event over Parkinson’s Awareness week with Caroline and Ann Henderson, Information and Support Worker for Parkinson’s UK.

Caroline, from WVT, plays a key role in the care of Parkinson's patients and has been working closely with Parkinson’s UK for a number of years. 

“We provide advice on living with Parkinsonism, managing medication, coping with symptoms and maintaining a good quality of life. The symptoms of Parkinson’s, including tremors, rigidity and slowness of movement, which can cause people to feel very frustrated and isolated. With the local support from Parkinson’s UK we are able to provide holistic health and wellbeing care and support to people in the county affected by the disease,” she said.

Ian singled out Caroline in saluting the “outstanding care” he received from the Hereford group of Parkinson’s UK and staff at the hospital.

“She has guided me with a most empathetic style which must be unparalleled. Her knowledge of Parkinson’s and of the drug regime is amazing and has allowed me to continue working on a part-time basis,”” he said.

Ann said Parkinson’s UK was “delighted” to join together with WVT to highlight this awareness week and work on improving life quality for Parkinson’s patients.

Local volunteer support groups for Parkinson’s patients can be accessed by calling Anne Downing on 01989 769951.